Case Study

Solihull Gateway

As part of the Solihull Town centre regeneration project we were commissioned by Balfour Beatty Living Places to replace the existing trees to Station Road and Hurst Lane. Where feasible the existing trees were retained and new surrounds retrofitted to accord with the new paving.  In total circa thirty trees were planted.

It was vital that the new planting pits would provide protection against future settlement of the adjacent surfacing whilst ensuring that the trees would thrive within the local urban environment; a true case of engineering working alongside landscaping. Due to the presence of numerous services below ground each pit had to be constructed in a bespoke manner. In all cases the pits were finished with resin bound gravel.

In those pits where it was simply not feasible to install a root director due to a multitude of live services below, the pit construction method was amended by incorporating an arboraft system complete with arboraft structural tree sand.

The finished paved and resin gravel surface discretely masks the complex nature of the engineering works that exist below ground.