Case Study

Brookstray Play Area, Coventry

Brookstray Play Area was constructed on behalf of Coventry City Council. Based upon a ‘fortress’ design the works briefly consisted of the following:

  • Earthworks and ground contouring .
  • Construction of natural stone fortress wall.
  • Supply and installation of timber sleeper ramparts and drawbridge.
  • Supply and installation of play equipment.
  • Supply and installation of bespoke sculptures including two hand carved storytelling chairs and a chiselled stone tablet.
  • Installation of stepping stones and stepping logs.
  • Installation of site furniture including benches and litterbins.
  • Construction of connecting footpaths.
  • Seeding and shrub planting.

The hand carved sculptures ignite the imagination of children, and coupled with the moat that runs around the outside of the stone fortress wall, a clear child friendly and fairy-tale setting is complete.